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Happy Happy Bread


■ Worlds most delicious game!A game that can make your mouth water? Warm and moist cake fresh out of the oven! Exquisite and colorful fruit tarts.Fill your bakery with the most delicious baked goods!
■ Expand your bakery in spare time.
Watch your bakery expand with just little time invested! On your way to work or school, during lunch time, before you sleep, any spare time will do!Well, what are you waiting for?
■ Tap! Tap! Help out the customers~
A kind service to customers looking to buy my bread is a must!Customers are calling for your help? Tap to the rescue!Smiles on their faces will surely satisfy you.
■ Bake a special cake for that special someone~
A special day for your precious someone, bake a memorable cake for the two. Initiate "First bread of the day", Tap! Tap! with your true feelings for your sweet heart~
Can you see? Bread becoming more luscious as you bake wholeheartedly~
Aim to be the best patissier in the world~ Lets go!